Improving Governance

CANNABIS DAO is committed to improving governance to enhance the sustainability of the platform and revitalize the community. Below are the main improvement policies and initiatives. Through these efforts, CANNABIS DAO aims to improve platform governance and create an environment in which community members can actively participate.

Enhancing Transparency

CANNABIS DAO will increase transparency by making decision-making processes, proposal review results, and use of funds public and easily accessible to community members. This will increase trust and make it easier for more members to participate.

Optimizing Decision-making Processes

CANNABIS DAO continuously reviews and aims to improve the efficiency and speed of voting and proposal processes. This includes adjusting the proposal format, voting period, and optimizing the quorum required for decision-making.

Promoting Community Participation

CANNABIS DAO supports community members in improving their knowledge and skills through educational programs, workshops, and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. In addition, the platform enhances incentive schemes using CDS tokens to boost participation and contribute to the overall ecosystem's development.

Continuous Improvement of Governance Model

CANNABIS DAO learns from other DAOs and digital governance models, incorporating best practices to continuously improve its governance model. This increases the platform's adaptability and enhances the likelihood of long-term success.

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