Current Status of Research Funding

Cannabis research is being actively conducted due to market growth and changes in regulations, but there are challenges and opportunities in funding situations. The following analysis focuses on the current state of funding in cannabis research. CANNABIS DAO addresses these funding challenges and opportunities by utilizing decentralized technology to streamline funding for cannabis research, supporting more researchers and projects in obtaining the necessary resources. CANNABIS DAO provides a platform that connects researchers and experts with investors and general supporters through a token economy, simplifying the funding process and increasing transparency. Additionally, CANNABIS DAO adopts a unique governance model that allows community members to be involved in selecting research projects and allocating funds. This is expected to lead to more effective use of funds and promote innovation in the overall market.

Funding challenges

Traditional research funding methods are highly competitive, making it difficult to obtain limited resources. Moreover, cannabis research has been reported to face more significant funding difficulties compared to other research fields due to regulations and social stigma.

Increase in private investment

On the other hand, the growth of the cannabis market attracts investors, leading to an increase in private investments. Venture capital and angel investments for start-ups and research projects are becoming more active, expanding funding options.

Utilization of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been gaining attention as a means of funding in cannabis research. By allowing the general public and investors to directly provide funds to research projects, it is possible to support research activities without relying on traditional funding methods.

Opportunities in decentralized funding

Decentralized funding methods using distributed technologies and token economies offer new opportunities for cannabis research. Funding through DAOs and digital tokens simplifies procedures compared to traditional methods and facilitates support for international projects.

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