CANNABIS DAO's vision is to create a global community leading the innovation and development of cannabis research by leveraging decentralized technology and token economy. To realize this vision, the following objectives are aimed to be achieved:

  1. Cooperation with regulations: Support the progress of research and market growth by complying with regulations and policies related to cannabis research and deepening collaboration with the international research community.

  2. Expansion of the ecosystem: Build an inclusive ecosystem that allows researchers, companies, investors, and the general public to participate and address the diverse needs of cannabis research.

  3. Education and awareness: Share the latest information and achievements of cannabis research through the CANNABIS DAO platform to promote understanding and acceptance across society.

  4. Sustainability and ethics: Emphasize environmental protection and social responsibility, and adhere to ethical standards in the selection and implementation of research projects.

CANNABIS DAO aims to contribute to the development of cannabis research by utilizing the power of decentralized technology. By using the platform to streamline research fundraising and promote data sharing and verification, it strengthens the cooperation within the research community and supports the innovation of cannabis research. Additionally, through education and awareness activities, improving the understanding and acceptance of cannabis research across society is also considered an important goal.

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