Token Issuance

The following rules and limits have been set for the issuance of CANNABIS DeSci tokens (CDS). The issuance rules and caps of CANNABIS DeSci tokens (CDS) are designed to ensure the platform's sustainable growth and contribute to token value stabilization.

Total Token Cap

Set the total supply of CDS to a constant value. This helps to control platform inflation while maintaining sufficient liquidity. No additional tokens will be issued once the total supply is reached.

Token Issuance Schedule

CDS issuance occurs in phases. First, private sales and pre-sales are conducted, followed by a public sale. Tokens are sold at predetermined prices and allocation ratios during each stage of the sale.

Research Reward Issuance

CDS rewards for researchers are issued after a project receives funding approval. The reward amount is determined based on the project's scale and importance, with the number of tokens issued varying for each approved research project.

Lock-up and Vesting

CDS allocated to founders, team members, advisors, and early investors are typically subject to a lock-up period and vesting schedule. This ensures the platform's long-term growth and discourages short-term profit-seeking.

Community Incentives

CDS is issued when community members receive rewards for contributions and marketing activities on the platform. The reward amount is determined based on the nature and scale of the contribution.

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