Token Function

The CANNABIS DeSci token (CDS) serves as a means of value exchange within the CANNABIS DAO platform, fulfilling the following primary functions. These functions promote activities on the CANNABIS DAO platform and encourage community participation and engagement:

Research Funding

CDS is used for funding research projects on the platform. Researchers submit project proposals, and community members support them by contributing CDS. Upon successful funding, researchers receive CDS as a reward.

Incentive Creation

CDS functions as an incentive for contributions on the platform. Contributions to the community, such as evaluating research proposals, voting, and participating in discussions, are rewarded with CDS distributions.

Voting Rights

CDS grants voting rights for decision-making on the platform. Depending on the amount of CDS held, users can vote on research project approvals and governance proposals, allowing community members to actively participate in platform management.

Reward Distribution

CDS serves as a means of redistributing the platform's profits to community members. If the platform generates revenue, profits may be distributed to CDS holders.

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