Proposal Process

The proposal process of CANNABIS DAO is carried out in the following steps to ensure transparency and fairness. By implementing such a voting process, CANNABIS DAO aims to achieve decentralized and democratic decision-making, promoting the sustainable growth and innovation of the platform:

Proposal Discussion

New proposals are openly discussed by community members on platforms such as Discord. Community members can ask questions and raise concerns, and the proposer can respond or modify the proposal. This is an important step in the process of fleshing out the proposal and building consensus.

Proposal Submission

Proposers may submit new proposals on Discourse. Proposals can be on a variety of topics, including platform improvements, additional functionality, policy changes, research funding allocations, and more.

Voting Period

During the voting period, CDS token holders use their tokens to express their support or opposition to the proposal. Voting rights are granted in proportion to the number of tokens held, with one vote per token as a general principle.

Execution of Voting Results

If the voting period ends and the proposal is adopted, the proposal will be implemented. Actions related to the proposal (e.g., fund transfers, feature additions, policy changes) are either automatically executed through smart contracts or manually executed as needed.

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