The incentive mechanism of CANNABIS DAO aims to develop the platform's ecosystem by utilizing CDS tokens. This is expected to achieve sustainable growth of the platform's ecosystem and contribute to the advancement of cannabis research. CANNABIS DAO continuously optimizes the incentive mechanism to encourage more participants to engage in the platform and support the production of valuable research results. The main elements of the incentive mechanism include:


CANNABIS DAO introduces a mechanism that allows token holders to earn incentives by staking CDS tokens. Staking, which involves locking tokens for a certain period, also serves to ensure the platform's stability and liquidity. Users who stake receive rewards in the form of fees and a portion of newly issued tokens.

Research Funding

CDS tokens are used when researchers raise funds for their projects. This creates incentives for researchers and promotes research activities on the platform.

Review & Voting Rewards

CANNABIS DAO offers CDS tokens as rewards for community members who participate in the review and voting of research projects. This encourages community members to actively contribute their opinions and strengthens the platform's governance.

Referral Program

CANNABIS DAO implements a referral program that offers CDS tokens as incentives to existing users who invite new users and researchers to the platform. This expands the platform's user base and promotes the overall activation of the ecosystem.

Bounty Program

CANNABIS DAO deploys a bounty program that provides CDS tokens as rewards for completing tasks related to the platform's development and operation. Examples include bug fixes, feature additions, and marketing activities. This encourages community members to actively work on improving the platform and promoting the growth of CANNABIS DAO.

Mining Rewards

CANNABIS DAO is considering offering CDS tokens as rewards to miners who contribute to the operation of the blockchain network. Miners generate new blocks and verify transactions, playing a role in maintaining network security. Mining rewards help ensure the stable operation of the network and improve the reliability of CANNABIS DAO.

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