Market Overview

The cannabis market has been rapidly expanding in recent years, thanks to the relaxation of regulations and changes in social perception. The use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes has increased worldwide, and the cannabis-related industry is diversifying and growing. This market expansion is one of the factors driving the demand for cannabis research.

Cannabis science is an academic field that conducts research related to all aspects of the cannabis plant, including cultivation, extraction, product development, and usage methods. In this field, various studies are being conducted, such as the discovery of new medical effects of cannabis components, improvement of cultivation techniques, product development, and effective information provision to consumers.

However, cannabis research faces various challenges, such as difficulties in fundraising, constraints due to regulations, and inefficient information circulation. Unless these issues are resolved, it will be difficult for the potential growth of the cannabis market and the social impact of cannabis research to be fully realized.

In this context, CANNABIS DAO aims to innovate the research process of cannabis science and solve market challenges by leveraging decentralized technology and token economy. The CANNABIS DAO platform provides an environment where researchers and experts can efficiently raise funds, promote collaboration, and share knowledge and achievements. As a result, innovation in the field of cannabis science is expected to accelerate, and the overall market growth will be promoted.

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